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December 2017-February 2018

Nordic CIO interview: Filippa Jennersjö, Sweden’s Public Employment Agency

In 2015, Filippa Jennersjö took on the challenge of reshaping IT for a traditional Swedish public agency, which lacked digital services. Two years on, the results are starting to show. Arbetsförmedlingen, Sweden’s Public Employment Agency, is getting ready to launch an open digital platform for public and private employment services. When Jennersjö arrived at the agency in 2015, she had to start with the basics. The employment agency suffered from a low approval rate in Sweden, and lagged far behind most of its public sector peers in digitisation. “We were so non-digital we had to start by deploying low-level services – digital services you find in any company today, but which we didn’t have a couple of years ago,” says Jennersjö. “For example, online tools for booking appointments, registering with the employment service and making a job search plan.” One particular success is webinars, which enable jobseekers to participate in training and workshops remotely. “We believe very strongly in the idea of making our services ...

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