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December 2017-February 2018

How Eurosport is using real-time data to create a second-screen experience

The high-pressure sport of professional cycling is increasingly reliant on technology and innovation, but the relationship between racing and data in the sport is, in many ways, a nascent partnership. This trend is confirmed by Laurence Schirrecker, director of global cycling production at Eurosport, whose firm is using a novel combination of technology and information to develop immersive viewing experiences for sports fans across a range of platforms. Speaking to Computer Weekly at the final stage of the Grand Tour cycling event La Vuelta in Madrid, Schirrecker said the use of technology is already paying significant dividends – and there is more to come. “Cycling is at the beginning of its relationship with technology – it’s a conservative sport that hasn’t changed very much,” she said. “Our aim is to give viewers access to new kinds of data and to explain what it means.” Eurosport is meeting this objective by developing what Schirrecker refers to as a “second-screen app experience”. With the help of technology specialist CA,...

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