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June-August 2017

How Dutch university quickly connected thousands of students to new learning management system

After 17 years, Dutch university TU Delft will say goodbye to its legacy learning management system (LMS). Starting in May 2017, all courses will be migrated to a new system every quarter. A learning management system is one of the core systems of a university. It’s not a system you change easily, according to Timo Kos, director of education and student affairs at TU Delft. However, the university decided to replace its existing Blackboard LMS, which it had used for 17 years. Before the university put out a tender, it did pilots with four different systems. These pilots had interesting outcomes, revealed Kos. “[Although] the systems all had a lot of functionality, we wanted so much from the new system, that none of the systems answered all of our criteria,” he said. “Some of our wishes weren’t possible yet. For example, digital examination is a challenge for us as a technical university. In our exams, there are a lot of mathematical graphics and most of the software doesn’t support that yet.” The new learning environment also ...

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