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November 2017-January 2018

Young wayward hackers could help fill Dutch IT skills gap

There is a widening rift in IT. On the one hand, there is a scarcity of IT talent; on the other, there is a growing legion of tech-savvy youths who might fall for the “dark side”. Companies and public bodies are struggling to find – and retain – IT professionals. At the same time, those very same employers are having to cope with increasing digital threats, often from youngsters with IT talents. Today, any business is, in essence, an IT-dependent and data-driven organisation – or it soon will be. The need for digital transformation, disruption by tech-wielding competitors and unexpected startups, and security issues create an urgent need for expertise. And there is unused talent out there. Younger generations are growing up with computers, smartphones, apps and clouds and are familiar with technology and its intricacies. But somehow, many escape the talent searches of organisations that are in desperate need of them. But now a new Dutch initiative, launched by a powerhouse of cyber women in the Netherlands, seems to have the ...

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