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August-October 2017

IoT Tech Day showcases Benelux innovation

The annual IoT Tech Day in Utrecht, Netherlands, gives an overview of Dutch developments and other European innovations. The 2017 event provided further evidence that the internet of things (IoT) is moving from the geek’s bedroom to an industrial scale. This year’s event featured hobby projects such as light-sensing curtains that automatically open and close, but also showed that the IoT is growing up to encompass more serious applications, including smart services for consumers and innovations for business use. In sync with this ongoing development of the IoT itself was the line-up for the IoT Tech Day. The IoT is now maturing into cloud-enabled innovation, creating some surprising synergies, although there are still nerdy things around, such as Michael Teeuws’ Magic Mirror, and connected toothbrushes and smart hairbrushes. One surprise this year was Google Wind, announced nationally just a few weeks before the event. Google’s Dutch division unveiled an ambitious project to connect, automate and utilise the Netherlands’ ...

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