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September 2016

Oracle targets cloud sales at Asia Pacific’s mid-sized firms

Oracle is investing in its resources in the Apac region, with a focus on driving cloud software sales. Cloud adoption is on the rise in Asia Pacific, with major businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) both migrating. Oracle is investing in its hubs in the region, including one in Singapore, stepping up its sales push for cloud technologies. Neeraj Shaabi, managing director for Oracle Asean/South East Asia, said there had been a sudden surge in interest from mid-sized firms in cloud-based software. “Five or 10 years ago, a mid-sized company would not have been able to afford a CRM [customer relationship management] system,” he said. “Today, it is on tap. Mid-sized companies are the biggest beneficiaries of cloud applications. Implementation time is just 12-16 weeks and on average it does not cost more than $200,000 to $300,000.” Oracle sees a big opportunity in the mid-market segment to follow up its previous success in the Asean region. Startups such as Singapore-based online grocery store Red Mart uses Oracle ...

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