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August 2017

What it takes for the internet of things to take off in ASEAN

In the movie Fast and Furious 8, scores of connected vehicles parked on kerbsides and multi-storey carparks were successfully directed by a supervillain to block a government official’s motorcade. While the adrenaline-filled scene was clearly fictitious, it did set off discussions in technology circles about the potential – and challenges – of internet of things (IoT), a broad term that refers to anything that is connected to the internet. Connected vehicles are already here today. Scania, a supplier of buses and trucks, has been equipping its vehicles with a chipset from Norwegian telco Telenor that captures and transmits telematics data and other information such as fuel efficiency. Today, Scania’s fleet of 300,000 vehicles that clocks 50,000 trips a month is widely used by bus operators as well as industrial and logistics firms. It can not only track vehicles using telematics data, but also incentivise drivers to minimise fuel consumption. While such benefits are compelling, IoT’s killer app appears to be in predictive ...

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