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September 2016

How data saves lives in Australia’s hospitals

Few organisations invest heavily in IT to make sure their clients use less of their product, but that’s the battle Australia’s National Blood Authority (NBA) is fighting – and winning – as it leans heavily on data and mobile technology innovations to optimise a real-time supply chain that involves most of Australia’s more than 1,300 hospitals. That supply chain, which will get a big infusion of new supply during National Blood Donor Week from 12 to 18 June, has emerged in recent years as a long-term strategy that is based on a combination of infrastructure modernisation, telecommunications service upgrades and a shift from conventional desktops to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). This strategy has helped the organisation streamline its operations and improve its responsiveness to the point where reduced wastage means demand for blood products has dropped by 20%. That translates to big savings from the organisation’s A$1.2bn annual budget – much needed by a government that is in the process of shaking out the bedsheets and ...

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