Essential Guide

Essential guide to hybrid cloud workloads

This guide examines the issues around building hybrid cloud workloads


Organisations that are using cloud are increasingly looking to optimise hybrid workloads across on-premise and external cloud systems. This style of cloud architecture raises issues around workload management, security and integration, but early adopters are showing how to ease the transition to hybrid workloads. This guide examines the issues in managing hybrid cloud workloads.

Hybrid Cloud workloads: The Essential Guide (PDF)

1What is hybrid cloud?-

Hybrid cloud strategy

What is a hybrid cloud and is it the right option for your organisation?


Hybrid cloud two to five years off hitting mainstream adoption, claims Gartner

Hybrid IT approach is still some way off reaching mainstream levels of enterprise adoption, according to market watcher Gartner Continue Reading


Amid hype, definition of hybrid cloud still elusive

While there are many competing definitions, most agree that a true hybrid cloud is more than just running workloads both on and off premises. Continue Reading

2Preparing for hybrid workloads-

Implementing hybrid cloud

Best practice advice for preparing, implementing, optimising and managing hybrid cloud workloads


How to optimize dynamic hybrid cloud management

When it comes to dynamic hybrid cloud management, full automation should be your goal. Cloud expert Tom Nolle offers advice to help you reach that objective. Continue Reading


Understanding hybrid cloud workflow management

Working with hybrid clouds requires proper planning. Tom Nolle explains what cloud planners need to know about hybrid cloud integration and workflows. Continue Reading


Optimize hybrid cloud environments with these five tips

Hybrid clouds offer a range of benefits, causing more and more enterprises to climb on board. Follow these quick tips and join the hybrid crowd. Continue Reading


Hybrid cloud implementation preparation checklist

Get a complete listing of the resources, use cases and requirements that need to be taken into account before starting a hybrid cloud deployment project. Continue Reading

3All about OpenStack-

Using OpenStack

The open source OpenStack environment is an increasingly popular tool for setting up enterprise hybrid clouds - find out more here


Is OpenStack ready for mass adoption?

The OpenStack community is working on a number of fronts to make it easier to deploy private clouds, including a a training programme due in 2016 Continue Reading


The OpenStack Foundation: Building enterprise trust in open-source clouds

With HMRC and the European Commission emerging as OpenStack adopters, the OpenStack Foundation's CEO explains how it has set about winning over the enterprise with its open-source cloud platform Continue Reading


OpenStack accelerates into production environments

People are no longer just dabbling in the OpenStack private cloud – the OpenStack Foundation has found that many users are starting to undertake production work Continue Reading


Overcoming OpenStack hybrid cloud integration challenges

Many IT pros still have a long wish list when it comes to building a hybrid cloud with OpenStack and public cloud providers like AWS. Continue Reading


HPC research cluster get Red Hat OpenStack private cloud

Petabyte-scale eMedLab consortium opts for private cloud on Red Hat Linux OpenStack with hybrid Cinder and IBM Spectrum Scale storage, and rejects object and cloud storage Continue Reading

4Security, integration and more-

Hybrid cloud considerations

Find out about other hybrid cloud issues, such as security, integration and storage


Base enterprise hybrid cloud evaluation on security, cost

Explosive data growth has organizations looking at hybrid cloud storage to meet their capacity needs. But cloud costs and security issues need to be addressed. Continue Reading


Finding the right balance in hybrid cloud security issues

The growing complexity of hybrid cloud security issues has many CIOs working to update their controls, particularly with cloud resources, which offer less visibility. Continue Reading


Technologies on horizon brighten AWS hybrid cloud future

The challenges of managing hybrid clouds could be mitigated significantly by technical advances that look to take over the data center in the next few years. Continue Reading


Microsoft and Red Hat join forces to help ease enterprises into hybrid cloud

Tech giants set aside years of rivalry to help enterprises with mixed IT environments move to the cloud with greater ease Continue Reading