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June 2017

Focus: Multi-cloud

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As the enterprise public cloud market matures and evolves, many IT leaders are increasingly coming round to the idea that sourcing services from one or more providers might be the best way to go. From a cost and resiliency perspective, some workloads might work better in one cloud over another. Or a certain provider might boast some functionality that suits a particular process the enterprise is looking to implement, but falls short in other areas, prompting the company to adopt a mix-and-match procurement strategy. The development of an enterprise’s multi-cloud strategy may come about organically, as distinct business units set within the same business set off in different directions to the cloud, or IT leaders may have set out a formal strategy, dictating this is the way the business is headed. Either way, there is lots for IT leaders to consider before embarking on a multi-cloud strategy, and – in this e-guide – we take a closer look at how various organisations have approached it and what providers are doing to capitalise on the trend.

Table Of Contents

  • Shining a light on the enterprise appeal of multi-cloud deployments
  • Multi-cloud management: Making it work for the enterprise
  • Overcoming complex multi-cloud management challenges
  • How Google is riding the multi-cloud wave to win over the enterprise
  • VMware banks on competitive collaboration to succeed in multi-cloud era
  • Case study: HSBC adopts cloud-first strategy to solving big data business problems

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