Computer Weekly / TechTarget IT priorities survey 2012

Learn which IT priorities are at the top of UK IT managers lists for 2012. Coverage from across our network includes cloud, budget cuts, networking, security, disaster recovery and more.

Every year Computer Weekly publisher TechTarget conducts its IT priorities survey across its global network of technology websites, and this year we have broken out the results into several hot topics for readers.

Find out how IT professions are prioritising their workloads and budgets around cloud, networking, security, and disaster recovery.

The IT priorities online survey was conducted at the end of 2011, questioning over 2,000 worldwide IT managers with over 200 of those based in the UK. Read all the articles by clicking on the links below.

Cloud, compliance and virtualisation top of the list for IT pros
TechTarget’s IT priorities survey finds IT managers place virtualisation, cloud computing, and compliance at the top of their 2012 wish list.

IT managers top priorities not matching market trends and emerging technologies
IT professionals are overlooking the impact of new technologies and trends, affecting their business, because they continue to focus on IT concerns of the past.

2012 IT budgets under pressure for UK business
IT budgets are predicted to remain flat, according to TechTarget’s survey of more than 2,000 IT pros worldwide.

Why wireless and IP telephony is important for UK networkers this year
Wireless networks and IP telephony are forecasted to be implemented by a large number of UK users in 2012.

Mobility implementations set to rise for networkers in 2012
UK businesses are rethinking their legacy tools to take advantage of  users having access to data and applications across several different kinds of devices. Read the results from TechTarget’s IT priorities survey.

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Cloud set to be big investment in networking industry this year
According to TechTarget’s UK survey, 30% of networking respondents pledged to spend their IT budgets on cloud computing.

VM backup and DR at forefront of the storage administrator’s mind in 2012
Virtual machines and disaster recovery looking to be at the top of the priorities list for storage professionals in 2012.

Changing priorities emerge in the IT security sector
After TechTarget surveyed UK IT professionals, it was revealed that security priorities are changing for IT managers  in this country.

Business intelligence to gain prominence in UK market, according to 2012 survey
The way in which corporate performance can be boosted through managing information will be a top priority for the data management professionals this year.

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