EC to consult business over e-trade policy

The European Commission is to consult the IT sector over whether it thinks regulation or proactive support will help the creation of e-marketplaces.

Keith Nuthall

The EC has organised a workshop on 23-24 April in Brussels. Some 150 delegates from the e-business sector will attend.

The EC said the main objective would be to "identify future priorities for enterprise policy and standardisation, in order to facilitate the creation of open, non-discriminatory e-marketplaces in Europe".

It added, "[The workshop] should simultaneously help EC services to better understand the policy requirements associated with the establishment of e-marketplaces, and provide market makers with information on the role of standardisation and competition rules. This should in turn produce a clear collective view of how best to shape open e-marketplaces."

For more information e-mail entr-e-marketplaces@cec.eu.int

This was first published in March 2001


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