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Find local providers that offer data backup and protection in cloud computing in this section of the UK cloud provider directory. Moving to the cloud can automate backups and improve the data protection and backup of a business.

Data backup is a huge and growing need for businesses of all sizes. Moving to the cloud can automate backups and greatly improve the data protection, security and backup of a business at a reasonable cost. These providers offer cloud methods for backing up and storing data safely.

Phone: 0800 0 789 437
CloudDirect [previously known as BackupDirect] offers an online backup solution for PCs, as well as server backups for single servers or network backups with multiple servers. Users can monitor and manage data backup policies for multiple machines from a central location. Data protection policies depend on encrypted data. Disaster recovery for an entire system is guaranteed within 30 minutes of a failure. It offers an email protection suite, as well as online data protection for laptops with Data Defence.

Phone: 0800 028 5314 (corporate); 0800 032 0025 (public sector)
BT provides a range of services, including managed storage for online data backup and protection. Technology used includes NAS, SAN and backup systems, whether onsite configurations are pre-designed or fully hosted, managed storage and restoration services. They use various storage vendors for customer needs, and use technologies like virtualisation and deduplication.
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Commensus PLC
Phone: 44 (0)208 661 4650
Commensus PLC's main product is V-Cloud Enterprise; they use VMware and operate three secure data centres for data protection offsite. Their product is designed for 10 to 1000 users with built-in disaster recovery. The technology behind V-Cloud is Commstor for online data backups, which is a disk-to-disk solution that encrypts data before sending to a secure data centre. It can be used for servers as well as desktops and mobile user applications, and it also does incremental backups. Commensus also uses continuous data protection (CDP) technology for disaster recovery purposes.
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Phone: 44 (0) 141 931 6400
ioMart is a hosting provider with five UK data centres. They offer network services with 1 Gbps fibre, IP transit, point-to-point and content delivery networks, plus server hosting and virtual servers on demand. Storage and data backup are available using SAN and mirroring technology for data protection. ioMart also provides archiving capabilities, and security in the form of network content filtering for URLs.
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Phone: 44 1483 608010
Memset uses virtualisation technology as the basis for their cloud computing services. Servers can be self-managed or fully-managed and include storage servers and server clusters. Cloud computing and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) are offered with partner SEM Solutions. They own and operate all servers, offering scalability and a 100% network uptime guarantee and 45-minute hardware replacement guarantee. Memset's data security solutions include server monitoring, security vulnerability scanning, firewalling and intrusion detection for data protection.
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Phone: 0115 983 6200
Quantix is a managed services and cloud platform. Their partners include Microsoft, Oracle for database services, and VMware, Juniper and Websense for high performance networking. Network and security services include an SSL VPN, hosting, DR, connectivity and application acceleration. Data protection considerations include SSL secure remote access, the Websense security suite, data security suite and hosted Web and email suites.
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Phone: 44 (0)208 144 2201
UK2 provides Web hosting and dedicated servers, with 100% power uptime and 99.9% network uptime service-level guarantee. Their products include e-commerce offerings. Virtual private servers are available as well, with self-healing properties and Gb network connectivity. They maintain a library of 100+ virtual image templates. Their dedicated server backup offers online data protection; each account has at least two mirrored NAS machines.

Phone: 44 (0)161 233 4400
UKFast does enterprise business hosting and dedicated server hosting using Windows, Linux and more. Managed hosting services include backup, server maintenance, proactive uptime monitoring, a dashboard and alert control centre, a managed firewall, and anti-virus for data protection. Email hosting uses either shared or dedicated Exchange server. UKFast also offers private cloud and hybrid cloud hosting, combining managed dedicated servers, some virtual. Mission-critical applications can be on a managed server while test and development are on a private cloud server.

Phone: 44 01635 33251
Mobile provider Vodafone's integrated office, mobile voice and data services is called Total Communications and serves small and large businesses. Online data backup and storage is part of their offerings. Backups of laptops and PCs are done with a centralised Web-based tool. Vodafone holds backups in mirrored data centres for added data security.
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