UK cloud computing providers directory

As new providers enter the cloud market and veteran providers add more services, cloud computing in the UK continues to grow. This directory provides all the information you need to know on local cloud providers.

Cloud computing continues to mature in the UK, as hosting providers add services and traditional mobile phone companies...

expand their purview. For many cloud users, data protection is top priority, especially for small businesses looking for better data security solutions. Using cloud services can also add flexibility and bulk up what an organisation can do with IT.

Many providers are also pushing into virtualised servers to offer to customers. Choosing the right provider takes some work, but the wealth of options available is making that job easier. Find the best UK cloud providers in this learning guide.

Note: We've included only UK-based cloud providers in this directory, along with several large U.S.-based cloud organisations that do business in the UK. We have focused on broad-service cloud providers rather than on niche Software as a Service (SaaS)-only vendors. Providers may appear in more than one category.


  1. Server, storage and infrastructure cloud providers
  2. Managed services cloud providers
  3. Data backup and security cloud providers
  4. Hosted desktop cloud providers

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