Cloud BI: A TDWI’s view

Cloud BI was the question to which TDWI – India Chapter’s 2011 event, “Business Intelligence on the Cloud”, aimed to answer.

Cloud BI even though a chary venture is now gaining momentum effectually causing IT professionals to sit up and take notice. Whispers of dubious querying have now turned to bold questions that conferences like The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) – India Chapter’s 2011 event, “Business Intelligence on the Cloud”, aim to answer.

The following are enlightening presentations made by BI veterans exploring the various facets of Cloud BI.


Cloud BI dissected 

‘What is the Cloud?’ is a compact and precise presentation explaining cloud computing concepts focused on BI.

It touches upon the process, technology and architecture of Cloud BI to augment business needs. Presented by Hari Devarapalli, Head, BIPM Service Technology Office, TCS, it gives the much needed insights on Cloud BI and how to address it in a cohesive perspective.



Yahoo! yodels about Cloud BI 

Rohit Chattar, Architect, Yahoo talks about the Cloud BI initiatives at Yahoo; especially the deployment of a petabyte scale DW on the private cloud is noteworthy.

The presentation gives an overview of the architecture that has been used for data integration (Hadoop/ Pig/ Map Reduce, etc). Chattar, with a 15-year experience in BI and DW, provides insights on utilizing the high computing power of cloud platform to boost the BI processing speed.


Considering 'big data' analytics for Cloud BI 

Big data appliances explore data analytics in the spectrum of Cloud BI and the emerging landscape for the same. This presentation by Satyanarayana Ranganatha, practice lead of EIMA (enterprise information management and analytics practice) at EMC Consulting, India COE achieves this by focusing on appliances and storage. Satyanarayana addresses the need for internet scale analytics capability, shifting technology landscape, and evolving architectural considerations from big data perspective.


Adroit Cloud BI adoption by Tata Sky 

‘Cloud BI: A business perspective' by Mukesh K L, COO, Tata Sky, deals with the implementation of cloud computing in Tata Sky and the deployment roadmap for applications on the cloud. Mukesh elaborates on the business considerations of IT solutions with a decision template for the same.

He also touches upon the competitive edge Cloud BI provides without the huge capex and without having to create infrastructure behemoths.



Back to the future: Cloud in 2018 

‘A glimpse of the future: Technology trends’ by Susheela Venkataraman, MD, Internet Business Solutions at Cisco paints a vivid, vibrant scenario of how the world might look like in 2018, and how the professional community needs to understand and plan for these landscape changes. She provides insights on always on – 125 times faster connectivity, extreme intolerance for ambiguous information, intelligence from the semantic web layers, and the significance of human machine interactions.

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