Hero MotoCorp: BI for the long haul

Hero MotoCorp topped the list of BI Masterminds, 2012 winners. For the company, BI means continuous evolution with a focus on its long term business goals.

For Hero MotoCorp, India’s largest bike manufacturer, BI was not a project but a premeditated journey. The company started SAP BI implementation in 2008 with a few reports covering sales, operations, and supply chain.

This was extended to finance and material management in 2009 and later on to its dealer management system based on Siebel. With SAP BI, Hero MotoCorp could now capture all the data on secondary sales, service, and parts retail for analysis whenever required. Last year, as the company’s employees began demanding interactive and graphical dashboards, it implemented SAP Business Objects (to fetch data from SAP-BI) and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) for dashboard reporting.

Prior to BI, the preparation of reports at Hero MotoCorp was time consuming as data needed to be sourced from different systems. Information broadcasting had a limited functionality; users could not fetch detailed information as drilling down of data was not possible. Moreover, the reports presented were in a raw format, not user friendly. The lag between the business wanting information and its being provided by IT was becoming a bottleneck in performance and decision making, creating a need for BI. Hero MotoCorp officials also realized that BI could help them bring consistency in all the enterprise data and the users can then to access reports real time for quick decision making.

Solutions implemented:

  • SAP Business Intelligence (including Business Objects)
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise (OBIEE)

BI system at Hero MotoCorp covers:

  • Analytics
  • Dashboards
  • Decision support systems
  • Online analytical processing
  • Querying and reporting
  • What-if analysis

BI is used by: 

  • Top management
  • Finance and accounts
  • Human resources
  • Manufacturing / production
  • Customer support
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Information technology

Benefits delivered by BI:

  • Aligned analysis with business objectives: With implementation of SAP Business Intelligence, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), and subsequently SAP Business Objects, many advanced analytical capabilities became available to the business users of Hero MotoCorp, enabling them to get what they needed without delay. With drill down feature, users can now capture the lowest level of data. For example, they can reach to the cost of tools, of consumables, of rejections, and also spot the variances starting across product and model costs. Dashboards allow for exporting data to MS Office and HTML, thus simplifying information handling. 
  • Centralized information generation: BI allows for gathering data from various source systems and presenting it as a single repository, thus eliminating the need to oscillate from one system to another. BI has given flexibility of creating dashboards using connectivity to multiple OLAP systems, which was not possible using the dashboards which were available in the BI solution. With bird’s eye view of all organizational data, decision making has become faster than before at Hero MotoCorp.
  • Real time data analysis: BI has facilitated real time updates about critical business factors like sales for two wheelers, production, inventory analysis, etc. 
  • One version of the truth: The data which comes out through SAP BI or OBIEE has become the single window of information for all the organization, ensuring information consistency.
  • What-if analysis: The business users at Hero MotoCorp use the BI platform to perform ‘what-if’ analysis. It allows them to execute and run business
    scenarios, providing them with improved decision support.

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