Disaster recovery services: Putting your plan in the cloud

While the cloud holds big promise for disaster recovery services, there are many choices to be made when adopting a cloud DR service, and your options will differ depending on a number of factors.

Disaster recovery services implemented via cloud computing offers the possibility for organisations to retain vital data off-site, with -- depending on the type of service you engage -- the option to recover to pre-configured hardware should disaster strike. In many ways cloud disaster recovery is an ideal solution to the question of how to prepare for exceptional circumstances that could otherwise take your business down.

In this Special Report, you'll find out about the key benefits of cloud-based disaster recovery services, levels of uptake in the UK, the main vendors that offer cloud disaster recovery services, key questions to ask a potential cloud DR provider, private cloud DR for the enterprise, cloud DR for SMBs and branch offices, and how one UK construction sector firm protected its data in the cloud.

Cloud disaster recovery offers cash saving benefits for the early adopter
In this article by Paul Kirvan, DR consultant and Fellow of the Business Continuity Institute, you'll learn about how to define cloud disaster recovery, who can use such services, levels of uptake among UK users, cloud disaster recovery providers active in the UK and the key steps you should go through when evaluating and implementing cloud disaster recovery as part of your business' DR plan.

Podcast: Key questions to ask a cloud disaster recovery provider
In this podcast Tom Brand, service director for cloud computing with GlassHouse Technologies (UK), talks about the benefits of cloud disaster recovery and the key questions to ask a cloud disaster recovery provider.

Are cloud disaster recovery services viable for the enterprise?
In this tip, Biff Myre looks at private clouds and managed services as a solution to the disaster recovery needs of the enterprise, with an example of how one insurance company implemented private cloud disaster recovery provision.

Protecting branch offices with cloud disaster recovery
Disaster recovery can be problematic for SMBs and branch offices. In this article Dave Bartoletti examines how such organisations can make use of cloud disaster recovery services and walks you through key steps -- such as server virtualisation and WAN optimisation -- that can help smaller outfits gain the benefits of placing their disaster recovery provision in the cloud.

Concrete firm set for cloud disaster recovery
Find out how concrete structure specialist the PC Harrington Group deployed the Hi-5 cloud disaster recovery service from Datafort to ensure uninterrupted operation of its email servers and protect 650 GB of mission-critical data.

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