Habitsmart.com is a resource for anyone with an addiction.

Pravin Jeyaraj

Habitsmart.com is a resource for anyone with an addiction. Whatever your vice, be it caffeine, chocolate or something stronger, there is plenty of advice on how to give it up. Habitsmart.com has links to a range of documents, including habit endurance and habit change theories and tips on management of habitual behaviour.

The site claims that many addicts are unaware that there are many different ways to overcome addiction. For example, not all alcoholics are helped by Alcoholics Anonymous and its 12-step approaches. Each person has to find a method that suits them. Coping With Urges offers tips for "out-smarting" craving and urges, and if you tend to drink too much then try reading Understanding Blood Alcohol Level.

Now that Flash, Shockwave Javascript, etc have been developed, Web designers seem to forget what can be achieved with simple HTML tags. Habitsmart.com redresses the balance. The site is a simple menu of links, in no particular order, that point to documents of interest to anyone displaying addictive behaviour. It is easy to use and fast to load and there are none of those annoying pop-up boxes saying that "XYZscript is not installed in the browser".

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