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Can you be sure about the security of your PC? At least one in 10 high-speed Internet users will experience a hacker attack,...

Mike King

Can you be sure about the security of your PC? At least one in 10 high-speed Internet users will experience a hacker attack, according to market research firm Current Analysis. If you connect to the Internet, installing firewall protection such as ZoneAlarm can help protect your PC. This free download offers a simple way to ensure that your system is safe from malicious external attack. And the most recent level also includes the Mailsafe feature, providing protection against e-mail viruses such as the Love Bug.

Download the software from and perform a standard install. Restarting your system finishes the program installation, at which point you will see a new icon in your system tray. That is all you really need to do, as ZoneAlarm's default settings operate excellently from this point on.

However, if you want to explore, configure and tweak the package, then right-clicking your mouse on the tray icon presents a menu. Select "Restore ZoneAlarm Control Center" to display the control panel. The "panic" button immediately shuts down all access to the Internet.

"Alerts" shows you the Internet accesses that ZoneAlarm has alerted you to, as well as the log file location, if you have chosen to log the details of these alerts.

"Lock" shows you the current lock status of ZoneAlarm, and allows you to configure when and how ZoneAlarm locks Internet access.

"Security" allows you to configure the security level you want to implement, both for local area networks and Internet connection. A simple slider system makes this very easy. With the highest level set for the Internet your system becomes completely invisible to the outside world.

As you use the Internet, ZoneAlarm will alert you when various applications try to access the Internet. The programs you give permission to are shown in the programs window. You can also alter the permissions for individual programs you are using.

"Configure" provides a few simple configuration options, such as "Load ZoneAlarm at startup" and to automatically check for updates.

ZoneAlarm product information

Company: Zone Labs

Home page:

Download page:

Download size: Version 2.1.25: 1.614Mbytes

System requirements: Windows 95/98/NT

ZoneAlarm was tested on the following system: Intel Pentium II 233MHz, 192Mbyte Ram, 4.3Gbyte hard disc, 56kbps modem

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