Welcome to GigaWorld IT Forum Europe 2005

GigaWorld IT Forum Europe 2005 is something that all IT and business executives charged with choosing and implementing...

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GigaWorld IT Forum Europe 2005 is something that all IT and business executives charged with choosing and implementing technologies that gain, and maintain, competitive advantage should consider attending.

Whether your most pressing issues are strategic or tactical or both, this event will give you a invaluable insight into how to understand why the decisions you make today will affect your organisation's ability to compete in the future.

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Key theme: Integrated IT managementstaying in control

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Integrated IT management is a vital issue that faces all companies. It is very common for the IT used by enterprises’ different divisions and disciplines to be disparate and unconnected, especially when it comes to IT systems.

According to Thomas Mendel (pictured), principal analyst at Forrester, a key problem exists for many companies when looking at the value they get from their systems. "Operations accounts for the bulk of IT spend, but improved operations are not what most  perceive as the prime value of what IT can deliver," he says. "It’s all about new project, new applications and services.”

This can lead to problems, especially when senior managers want to know exactly what they are getting our of their investment. “If a company’s CFO asks simple questions, such as ‘How is IT doing? Are we spending too much or too little? Are we getting a good service?’, overall it’s impossible to answer," says Mendel. "Companies have found it very hard to make sense of what people are spending because of decentralised IT buying behaviour."

Integrating IT and gaining an overall view of how IT is used throughout the organisation will bring about huge benefits to firms. Yet not one current enterprise technology company has, as yet, produced a complete technology dashboard that gives a single, unified view for senior management to get an understanding and a total grip of the assets they own.

However, there is now a movement towards bringing this in order. Buying decision-making has moved up in the corporate hierarchy and IT purchasing is becoming more centralised. Technology suppliers are making some advances in putting these pieces together but it’s not easy; most suppliers have focused on one piece of the IT management jigsaw. However, we should expect to see some early complete solutions implemented in the market by the end of the year.

At GigaWorld, which runs between 6 and 8 June at the Hilton in Prague, there will be a whole series of talks that look at all the different aspects of integrated IT management. The main theme will be introducing the topic and talking about the major trends. There will also be breakout talks looking at governance, compliance and also configuration management, database management and how the different pieces of technology can be fitted together.

How integrated IT management can make a real improvement to your company >> 



Monday 6 June

9:00-9:35 Welcome and introduction

9:20-9:35 Research welcome

9:35-9:15 CIO keynote: Brian Jones, global CIO, Allied Domecq

10:15-10:40 Technology showcase

10:40-11:30 Streamed presentations:

  • Visibility is key to successful IT management, and integrated IT management is making it possible
  • Building tomorrow's more secure network
  • The next generation of IT architecture
  • Internal process improvement a necessity for offshore outsourcing success: Cleaning up your act to offshore outsource
  • Datacentre strategies: Topology and physical infrastructure
  • What users want: Hosting trends for enterprise applications
  • Alignment and value through measurement

11:40-12:30 Streamed presentations:

  • Best practices: Securing the client computing environment
  • European IT spending data
  • Business process management: A look into the future
  • Decoding computer grid technology – and how to put it to good use
  • Continuous customer management: Turning customer data into business advantage
  • IT innovation adoption criteria
  • Europe’s IT skills shortage

12:30-13:45 Lunch

13:45-14:25 Keynote presentation: Sun Microsystems

14:25-15:05 CIO speech: John Varney, CTO, BBC

15:05-15:30 Technology showcase

15:30-16:00 Guest executive forum:
Don’t tell me why – show me how!
Peter Armstrong, corporate strategist in business & information technology, BMC Software

16:10-17:00 Streamed presentations:

  • Offshore resources hit the infrastructure: How do you respond?
  • The next generation of user interactions
  • The battle for multichannel ownership
  • Your application platform choices
  • The role of IT in enterprise risk management
  • Open source cost savings
  • Leveraging knowledge from retiring workers


Tuesday 7 June

9:00-9:10 Morning announcements

9:10-9:50 CIO speech: Gareth Lewis, group CIO, Virgin

9:50-10:30 22A CIO speech:
Dr Michael Gorriz, vice-president of IT business systems, Daimler Chrysler

10:30-10:55 Technology showcase

10:55-11:45 Streamed presentations:

  • Open source software: At the crossroads
  • IT can use process methodologies to create consistency, predictability and auditability
  • Rethinking customer security
  • Outsourcing mega-deal trends
  • Networking: The next-generation architecture
  • What users want 2005 – inquiries from the IT management and services group
  • Telecom innovation

11:55-12:45 Streamed presentations:

  • Project portfolio management – leveraging visibility to make the most valuable decisions
  • Crafting your SOA platform
  • The changing paradigm of IT service delivery
  • Mastering complexity in application development
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Understanding how enterprises choose their international telecoms service provider

14:00-14:40 Keynote presentation:
Karyn Mashima, senior vice-president of strategy and technology, Avaya

14:40-15:20 CIO speech:
JP Rangaswami, global CIO, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein

15:20-15:45 Technology showcase

15:45-16:15 Guest executive forum

16:25-17:15 Streamed presentations:

  • Best practices in IT measurement and management: From Six Sigma to the balanced scorecard
  • Data integration embraces services – finally
  • Organising IT to deliver organic business services, based on a service-oriented architecture
  • Developing winning speech applications
  • Next-generation workspaces
  • Effective analyst relations


Wednesday 8 June

9:00-9:10 Morning announcements

9:10-9:50 CIO speech:
Jean-Philippe Vanot, executive vice-president of networks, carriers and IT, France Télécom

9:50-10:15 Technology showcase

10:15-11:05 Streamed presentations:

  • CPG value chain
  • Application life cycle
  • Exception handling
  • Features, function and value
  • Analysis of integration suite Forrester wave
  • Agile education: Rapid approaches to communicating information and transferring knowledge
  • Online banking customer authentication

11:15-12:05 Streamed presentations:

  • Navigating the evolving e-service vendor landscape
  • The application rationalisation imperative: APM saves millions and feeds IIM
  • Best practices in global sourcing
  • Revitalising the customer experience through content-centric applications
  • Right-time communications transform business connections
  • Lessons from the field
  • Composites, content and context: The next-generation applications
  • Who uses lightweight tools – and why?
  • Information risk management: classifying, valuing and controlling information
  • Outsourcing realities
  • The role of enterprise infrastructure management in integrated IT management
  • Emotive content

13:20-14:10 Streamed presentations:

  • Composites, content and context: The next-generation applications
  • Who uses lightweight tools – and why?
  • Information risk management: classifying, valuing and controlling information
  • Outsourcing realities
  • The role of enterprise infrastructure management in integrated IT management
  • IIM briefing
  • Emotive content

14:20-15:10 Streamed presentations:

  • Sourcing global wide area network services
  • Hosted sales and the trend toward simplicity
  • Cross-channel customer analytics
  • Keeping IT sane in a crazy BI world of Excel
  • Emerging server/CPU architectures

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