Video: Nasa joins Microsoft for 3D Mars video

Microsoft has developed an online three dimensional map of Mars.

Microsoft has developed an online three dimensional map of Mars.

In collaboration with Nasa, the year-long project used technology from its Worldwide Telescope project to build models of the planets. In this video Dan Fay, director of Microsoft, introduced the 3D Mars, which contains more high resolution detail than the maps produced of Earth due to the camera and satellite used to capture the images.

Michael Broxton, who works in the intelligent robotics group at Nasa, said: "This project brings together cutting edge technologies to do something that was not possible before."

"By making this hi-res data available to classrooms across America and across the world I think we can inspire the next generation of Americans like Apollo [moon landings] inspired this generation of Americans to be innovators, thought-leaders and innovators in the world," said Chris Kemp, CTO at Nasa.

Watch 3D mars video >>

This was last published in July 2010

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