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Which training course?

Which training course?

I am a trainer and people developer, specialising in management and team development. Last February commercial pressures stopped most of the training, forcing me out of business. I would like to deliver IT training and e-commerce. Forbes Training has offered me a place on its next foundation training course. What would you recommend: Oracle or RPG/400? Also, because IT training like this does not result in an NVQ, the TEC will not subsidise the course (£3,200). Could you recommend any approved training organisations that deliver Oracle/e-commerce foundation programmes at more competitive prices?

Talk to the trainers themselves

The question asks for answers on two main areas. First, should I go Oracle or RPG/400? I would say that e-commerce is going to have a significant impact in both these technical areas. With the onset of Oracle 8i and AS/400e, both upgrades could be lucrative for a trainer.

Give Oracle and IBM a call and ask how they see their products developing. Also, speak to training companies and find out what their plans are to recruit trainers to these two vertical markets. If I had to choose between the two I would opt for Oracle because I believe it will be slightly more popular.

Second, how can I get the training I need to become a trainer without paying too much? There are many training companies in existence. Log on to and research their offerings, or speak to Wave Technologies on 020-7726 2890.

If you join a training company you'll get the relevant training for free, but that may not be in your plan. Call Oracle and talk to its education department, they can give you information on the recognised courses you need to undertake to become a certified trainer.

Also, talk to trainers themselves - get a list of Oracle training courses, find out where they are being staged and go along. You don't have to pay for the course to find out who the trainer is - approach him or her on their coffee break and get the information straight from the horse's mouth.

Solution by John Pullan, contract services director, Computer Futures

The panel: Elan, Best International Group, Apex, Computer Futures, Computer People, Monarch Recruitment and ITNTO

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