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Our "executive track" sessions give you an idea of where your storage should be and ideas on where it's headed. Sessions also key on ways to integrate new technologies, processes and ideas without going over budget.

Technology executives not only need to know the status of their current operations, but also need to meticulously plan for the future. Our "executive track" sessions give these technologists an idea of where their storage should be and ideas on where it's headed. Sessions also key on ways to integrate new technologies, processes and ideas without going over budget.

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Storage "On Demand" -- re-engineering the storage supply chain
Speaker: Richard Scannell, senior vice president, GlassHouse Technologies
Description: In this session, senior vice president of GlassHouse Technologies Richard Scannell will examine the current situation in storage provisioning, the challenges underlying the accurate metering of environments, the impact that poor metering has on overall efficiency and the need for re-engineering storage around a supply-chain model.
For more information: Oxford University rethinks datacentre storage

Fall 2007: what storage managers are buying
Speakers: Rich Castagna,Storagemagazine
Description: Storage magazine's semi-annual survey details the spending plans of 500 corporate storage managers. Rich Castagna, editor-in-chief of Storage magazine at TechTarget, tells you how much storage managers are spending, how they're spending it and why.
For more information: Get more in-depth report numbers here.

How-to: working through a litigation recovery request
Speaker: Michael A. Clark, Managing Director, EDDix
Description: In this session, Michael A. Clark, managing director, EDDix describes the changed legal environment and the implications for IT – both near-term and over the long haul.
For more information: 13 data retention mistakes to avoid

Buying storage -- what the suppliers don't want you to know
Speaker: Bill Peldzus, director of storage architecture, GlassHouse Technologies
Description: In this session, you learn the questions you should be asking of all of your storage suppliers, and other important tips and techniques for writing an air-tight RFI or RFP (they are different!). Based upon real case studies and actual customer purchasing engagements.
For more information: Backup buying guide

Building a highly virtualised storage environment
Speaker: Steve Duplessie, founder and analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group
Description: In this keynote address, Steve Duplessie discusses storage virtualisation technologies within a storage system that are important. This presentation will discuss these technologies and why highly virtualised storage systems are valuable today and will be vital in the future.
For more information: Storage virtualisation hardware specifications

Data Dangers - how rogue data can hurt you (or when deleting is the best option)
Speaker: Mark Diamond, CEO, Contoural
Description: Mark Diamond, CEO of Contoural will identify rogue data, discuss how it can hurt you, point out how to locate and contain it and review the best practices for getting rid of it. Learn why sometimes deleting is the best option.
For more information: When disaster recovery and data classification collide

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