Snapshots from nullcon Tritiya Day 2

A quick look at what happened during nullcon 2012.

<<Scenes from nullcon Tritiya’s infosec conference Day 1

After a feature-packed, Day 1 at nullcon Tritiya that concluded with a rocking beach party where attendees let their hair down after a day of live-wire hardcore technical sessions. Day 2 saw a much more relaxed atmosphere, kicking off with a deep dive into smart grid attacking and open source hardware, with the promise of more surprises to come.

We weren't disappointed, with in-depth sessions on forensics, Javascript, open source hardware and sandboxing taking place across the research and business tracks. The last day ended with results of the innovative Jailbreak talks being announced, which also saw the two-day Android village's culmination. 

Justin Searle talks about how to attack and defend smart grids

Nibin Varghese speaks on backup software attacks

Atul Alex's presentation titled 'Binary God'

Day two at 'Battle Underground', a multilevel CTF hacking challenge at nullcon

Pitting 'l33t' skills at 'Battle Underground'

Dr. G. Venkatesh propounds the need for a marriage between open source hardware and software

Marc Brown speaks about forensics in shared hosted environments

Lavakumar Kuppan presents his homegrown IronWASP tool for Javascript static analysis

Lots of excitement during the second day at Android Village

Anil Chaitany hosts a session on bypassing content sniffing algorithms

Bhishan Singh presents a paper on node.js titled 'the good, the bad and the ugly'

The sun sets over the Arabian Sea, as delegates say their final good byes

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