Security for removable storage devices

Check out Brien Posey's three-part series to learn how you prevent common items like USB drives from corrupting your Windows network.

One of today's Windows security administrator's biggest concerns is the use of removable storage devices in their networks. Removable devices like MP3 players and USB flash drives can bring harmful malware into your network as well as transport important data out of it.

Brien Posey recently wrote a three-part tip series that teaches you all you need to know about making sure your network is protected against the dangers of removable storage devices. Read the tips below to learn how to use Group Policy to secure removable devices, prevent the use of removable devices on your network and locate such devices that have found their way onto your Windows network.

Secure removable storage devices via Group Policy in Vista
Secure your network further and prevent threats from entering your system by disabling storage devices through Group Policy in Vista. Find out how in this tip.

Prevent removable device usage with Group Policy settings
Secure your Windows system by preventing the use of removable storage devices with these Group Policy Object settings.

Locate removable device IDs for Group Policy settings
Learn to locate the necessary removable storage device IDs in order to configure Group Policy settings and prevent the use of these vulnerable devices.

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