Oracle Openworld 2011: Conference coverage

Read TechTarget’s news coverage, blogs and tips from Oracle OpenWorld 2011. Everything you need to know about the 2011 San Francisco show.

This year Oracle’s OpenWorld saw 45,000 attendees go through its  doors. 

TechTarget had several teams of reporters at the show. 

Discover what was announced at this year’s Oracle OpenWorld and read the latest news from the San Francisco based show.

News from Oracle OpenWorld 2011

Cisco CEO John Chambers believes the future of communication lies with video
According to John Chambers, at Oracle OpenWorld, video is set to be the future of all forms of communication. Find out why.

Larry Ellison is an ‘oppressive dictator’ according to Salesforce chief Marc Benioff
The chief of Salesforce, Marc Benioff, chose to compare Larry Ellison to an ‘oppressive dictator’ during his speech at Oracle Openworld.

Dell predicts a HP server price increase
During his Oracle OpenWorld speech, Michael Dell indicated that HP may have to hike up its server hardware prices, if it scraps it PC division. He also used his speech to preview Dell’s 12th-generation Dell PowerEdge server.

‘Parallel architecture’ unveiled by Oracle’s Larry Ellison
Oracle’s chief executive, Larry Ellison, showcased the vendor’s in-memory database engine, designed for big data applications. In addition he also revealed a processor, at Oracle OpenWorld, to rival IBM. One analyst described it as having ‘mind numbing technical specs.’

Ellison dismisses Sun attacks
Oracle’s acquisition of Sun was a positive move, according to the CEO of Oracle who dismissed suggestions that it was not. At Oracle OpenWorld Larry Ellison used his keynote to talk about the hardware benefits that are a result of the tie-up.

Oracle OpenWorld conference slot for CEO cancelled
Mark Benioff, CEO of, was due to speak at Oracle OpenWorld, but later found his slot had been cancelled. Find out why he gave his speech and Q&A session from a restaurant instead. at Oracle Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne 2011
The team attended Oracle OpenWorld/Java One 2011. See their special report on the show in San Francisco.

X86 is the way to go, according to EMC COO Pat Gelsinger
EMC’s chief operating officer shares his views of Oracle’s stack strategy, in terms of selling everything from the chip to the application. Find out what he said at Oracle OpenWorld 2011.

A preview of Oracle OpenWorld 2011: You’re in for big data and Exalytics
As 40,000 IT professionals prepared to descend on San Francisco’s Oracle OpenWorld, we gave a rundown of what to expect. This preview of Oracle OpenWorld 2011 includes keynotes, demos, sessions and blocked off streets within the city.

Why Oracle Exalytics is a good comparison with SAP HANA
Back in August Alex Gorbachev of Pythian and John Appleby, of Bluefin Solutions, both agreed that comparing Oracle Exadata to SAP HANA wasn’t valid. Find out why they change their minds at Oracle OpenWorld 2011.

Tapping into unstructured data: Oracle Exalytics BI Machine revealed
Find out all the details of when Oracle’s CEO Larry Ellison introduced the vendor’s Exalytics BI Machine, in addition to its new Big Data Appliance. Both were unveiled at the recent Oracle OpenWorld.

Disruptive cloud transition warns Tucci at Oracle OpenWorld
At Oracle OpenWorld EMC’s Joe Tucci tells of a cloud transition centred on private cloud storage and virtualisation.

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