NetIQ launches Exchange migrator

Software for migrating from Microsoft Ex-change 5.5 to the recently released Ex-change 2000 messaging platform will be launched...

Software for migrating from Microsoft Ex-change 5.5 to the recently released Ex-change 2000 messaging platform will be launched next year by NetIQ, a provider of e-business infrastructure management software, writes Daniel Thomas.

NetIQ says its Exchange Migrator version 1.0 will enable selective migration of Exchange mailboxes, distribution lists, contacts lists and public folders between Exchange-based organisations. The Exchange Move Server Wizard, which is provided with Microsoft Exchange, allows an entire server to be migrated between sites or organisations, but NetIQ's product also has the capability to allow the user to select specific mailboxes and other objects for independent migration.

Dharmender Singh, a migration consultant with NetIQ, said, "The product offers customers flexibility - you can pick and choose what you want to migrate, delegate administrative rights as well as adding and removing people along the way."

The phased manner of the migration means that customers can thoroughly test the product and define projects in advance, and as the tools for migration are provided, the risk of human error is reduced.

The NetIQ Exchange Migrator will enable the migration of Exchange 5.5 objects between sites in the same organisation as well as enabling inter-organisational migrations, when Exchange is used by two merging companies or when a new business is spun-off from a larger organisation.

Singh said, "We recently went through a merger, so we know the pain that Exchange migrations can bring."

The software will also allow reconciliation of distribution lists so that mailboxes that have been moved from one organisation to another are properly referenced as contact or custom recipient objects in the distribution list membership.

NetIQ has also announced the launch of its App Manager for Microsoft Exchange Conferencing Server which will be available in beta form later this year.

The Microsoft product provides a platform that supports data, video- and audio conferencing. NetIQ's App Manager will enable IT administrators to monitor performance of in-progress conferencing, review audio and video operations history, and automatically respond to events that might disrupt conferencing, instant messaging or chat links.

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