Managing endpoint security

With network access expanding from the office to the home, securing the network perimeter is among a security admin's top concerns. In preparing for the threats that come with remote access, however, it can be easier to secure traditional network perimeter endpoints.

These days, it seems like the majority of network perimeter security concerns are related to telecommuters, remote access and VPNs. Hardening these areas is clearly of great concern as the mobile workforce serves as a treasure chest for clever hackers if they can take advantage of an unsuspecting remote user.

But what about physical endpoint security like laptops, desktops and removable storage devices? Just because these types of hardware might represent a more traditional network perimeter, physical endpoint security is no less important today than it ever was. If a hacker finds a way to get his hands on a laptop that has important files from your network on it, you could be facing disaster. Learn about endpoint security best practices by checking out the tips below.

What is endpoint security?
Without a proper understanding of endpoint security -- for example how to protect access (entry) points into your network -- you leave yourself vulnerable to viruses and hackers. Here's Jonathan Hassell's explanation of endpoint security and why you should care about it, including his step-by-step guide for installing Microsoft's endpoint security feature called "network access quarantine control."

Use Group Policy to secure removable storage devices
Removable devices can be deadly to a Windows network. Check out this tip series to learn how to use Group Policy to prevent devices like USB drives from destroying your network.

Endpoint security: Guard your network at the desktop
Network security has moved from the perimeter to the endpoints. This primer describes some endpoint security techniques.

Discussion: Laptop security
Read this discussion from our ITKnowledge exchange for advice on how to secure sensitive data on a mobile system.

Endpoint security
Guest instructor Ben Rothke shares tactics for endpoint security, policies for controlling endpoints and insight into where endpoint security technology is headed.

Effective endpoint security without a significant investment
Most organizations already employ three effective endpoint security controls. Learn how to protect those endpoints in a cost-effective way in this tip.

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