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When Simon Iredale started work on Victoria Beckham's new Web site, he was told to "make it the best site on the Internet". It...

When Simon Iredale started work on Victoria Beckham's new Web site, he was told to "make it the best site on the Internet". It needed to be fun, accessible to children, and Beckham (alias Posh Spice) wanted it to poke fun at her posh image.

"She wanted the site to be a very tongue-in-cheek view of her life, basically feeding the press with exactly what they want and have said about her," says Iredale, new media director at multimedia company Integrated Media Services.

She even toyed with the idea of calling it Beckingham Palace, but Iredale says she feared people would not realise that she meant it as a joke.

The site has a distinctly palatial feel all the same, complete with three thrones, one for each of the three Beckhams. "The thrones were my idea," says Iredale.

Three other people worked on the site with Iredale for the four months prior to launch. It was important to get the look and the feel of the site right, so the design was Iredale's top consideration. The difficulty was that the team had never actually seen the Beckham household. "It is funny because Victoria couldn't believe how absolutely spot-on the rooms were," says Iredale. "She thought we had seen some secret shots but it was all down to guesswork."

The site was built using Flash 5. The rooms were designed in Illustrator 9 and the images imported into Flash movies, with interactive content put onto a higher layer. As well as the Flash scripting, there is some Javascript for popping the windows up. Virtually all of the content is written in HTML so that it can be easily changed and updated. It runs on a Solaris operating system, using an Apache Web server.

The next project on the site is building a large VIP section that will work in conjunction with a mini-magazine that will be sold in newsagents. In this section, visitors will be able to take advantage of all sorts of "personal Victoria goodies". To gain access to the VIP quarters, visitors simply collect a VIP "club card" from the magazine for a 30-day pass.

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