From MicroScope May 1992

From MicroScope May 1992

"We've just simplified it"
Roy Gentry, IBM's Personal Systems product manager on the latest changes to its marketing plans.

"Yes, it's simply less money for us"
One dealer's response.

"While it's clear that a large number of dealers would be too eager to acquire the [P&P] dealer operation, it is really difficult to think of a buyer for distribution"
Microscope's city expert, Max Hotopf. A year later, the volume distribution business was offloaded to Merisel.

"They must move up and add value or become a well-oiled distributor"
Martin Slagter, head of Dell's European marketing operations, outlines the type of VARs the company was looking for.

"He was mad at his computer so he shot it. He couldn't understand why he couldn't shoot his own computer in his own home"
Lt Donald Van Tassel on the arrest of Michael Case for shooting his IBM PC.

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