Goodbye, Bill Gates - Essential Guide and Video Round-up

Bill Gates leaves his full-time role with Microsoft in June 2008. Catch up with with all the essential facts in our guide, and view our top Bill Gates videos in the video round-up.

As Bill Gates packs up his desk and departs his full-time role with Microsoft, we round up some of the essential points you need to know in our guide.

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Video: As Bill Gates quits Microsoft, we discuss the past, present and future of Microsoft and Bill Gates, 26 June 2008
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What did Bill Gates ever do for me? IT managers speak out, 24 June 2008, by Cliff Saran

Ray Ozzie takes over from Gates at critical time for Microsoft, profile: 24 June 2008

Bill Gates: looking back on the road ahead, 9 June 2008, in-depth feature by Jack Schofield

Bill Gates gives final speech as Microsoft chairman, news: 6 June 2008

Bill Gates no longer richest man in the world, 6 March 2008

Bill Gates harder to understand than Steve Jobs, blogger says, 23 Jan 2008

Bill Gates hails 'second digital age', 7 Jan 2008

Microsoft: after Bill Gates, news round-up: 11 July 2007


Video: Microsoft and Bill Gates - past, present, future


Video: The secret of Bill Gates' success

The BBC's Money Programme profiled Gates in 'The secret of Bill Gates' success', on Friday 20 June.


Video: Bill Gates' last day


Video: Bill Gates Praises Apple


Video: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs


Video: Bill Gates' speech to Harvard


Video: Trailer for Pirates of Silicon Valley

Antony Michael Hall portrayed Bill Gates in the 1999 TV movie, Pirates of Silicon Valley.

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