Electrolux targets contact centre savings with integrated CRM tool

Electrolux aims to cut its call centre costs by a third with a customer relationship management system.

Electrolux aims to cut its call centre costs by a third with a customer relationship management system.

The electrical appliance manufacturer has adopted Talent CRM from the Computer Software Group to replace nine different applications used by call centre staff. The previous applications required staff to re-key data and made it difficult to find information about customer orders quickly, said Electrolux.

The CRM system, which integrates with the company's IBM-based business applications, was initially rolled out in Electrolux's outdoor products division. John Yaxley, business analysis manager at Electrolux, said, "We made back the money we spent on the initial roll-out within six months."

Brian Wytcherley, head of customer services for the outdoor products division, said, "We wanted to give our call centre staff better access to the information and services they need. With Talent CRM, we gained a single interface for improved efficiency, plus a whole new set of functions for managing customers."

The Computer Software Group said Talent CRM was specifically designed to integrate with back-office IT systems that run on the IBM iSeries/AS400.

Yaxley said, "The iSeries is a robust and reliable platform. The Talent software integrates in real time to our iSeries ERP applications. Because of this, we are gaining new functions for managing our customers without needing to replace our tried and trusted back-office applications."

The CRM system has been implemented across Electrolux's floor care and major appliances divisions. Yaxley said the firm hoped to achieve savings in these groups similar to those achieved in the outdoor products division.

The system has given the company a single view of its customers. "We now have one database that records every customer record across the group," said Yaxley.

"We only have one set of data to maintain now. That is already a major benefit. From a customer service point of view, we can track customer activities across the UK. Staff can assign follow-up actions to colleagues in different departments and all the relevant data and history is there."

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