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Thinking of moving on? Check out our five essentials to getting that top job.

Thinking of moving on? Check out our eight essentials to getting that top job.

Hot skills for the pick of IT jobs
The first half of 2003 has been a great time for employers and tough for IT staff. Right now it’s very much a buyers' market.

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Be prepared for possible job cuts

In today's challenging economic climate, the lucky IT professionals who still have a job are sitting tight and hoping the axe doesn’t fall on them.

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Make your CV a winner

What makes the difference when employers are selecting job candidates for interview?

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Coping with fears of redundancy

Job security among IT professionals has seldom been so low. Between January and September last year, 36,000 IT employees were made redundant in the UK, according to the IT professionals’ trade union Amicus.

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How to do a winning interview
Your CV has got you in the door. Now all you have to do is convince the person sitting opposite you that you are the exactly what their organisation needs.

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Failing to make the right impression

A quarter of all job seekers fail at the interview stage because they are scruffy or don't know how to behave.

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Get into the driving seat without breaking down

Making the move from a technical role into management can be a huge culture shock.

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Pack up your skills and head for the sun

Working abroad seems tempting, but how practical is it?

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