Can I make the leap into IT management?

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The question: Can I make the leap into IT management?

I am a computer science graduate on the verge of finishing my MBA. Is it possible to get an IT management role, or should I aim for a straightforward IT job?


The solution: Target the more progressive firms

Now you have nearly finished your MBA I can understand your eagerness to secure a role within IT that would utilise the skills you have been developing.

Many companies would not consider you for a management role as they have strong hierarchical environments, which would not allow someone to leapfrog in without real-world experience.

That said, many companies have the foresight to recruit their managers from an MBA course and fast-track them. You would have developed some solid business knowledge throughout your MBA and that, with your computer science degree, make you a great hire for the more progressive firm.

Pick a company that has high educational thresholds so you know your qualifications will be valued. You will be paid more and stretched more, which will be important to you I am sure.

Many of the investment banks and consultancies have heavy recruitment programmes currently under way and would be delighted to speak to you about career opportunities. If you are open to international travel that would also be very much in your favour.

The long and the short of it is that if you wish to move into a management role, you have the education firms look for and you should find yourself in demand.

Solution by Tracey Abbott, business manager at Wreay Group

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