Avis UK eliminates the paperwork so customers aren't kept on hold

Leading car rental company Avis operates in 112 countries and rents cars from more than 4,000 locations worldwide

Leading car rental company Avis operates in 112 countries and rents cars from more than 4,000 locations worldwide

The problem
Avis has customer care centres dotted around the world which are dedicated to managing customer service enquiries. Avis UK's customer service centre was running on an antiquated system that combined mainframe-based data and applications with paper files to respond to customer complaints. With the growth in customer enquiries, this system was no longer feasible.

Company requirement
The car rental firm was looking for a system that would not only streamline its business processes but would also increase customer satisfaction and stimulate repeat business among its 65,000 customers. The company knew it had to improve its processes so that it could answer customer enquiries quickly and accurately; reduce the incoming call abandon rate; and boost customer satisfaction overall. It also wanted a system that would enable management to easily and effectively distribute workloads across customer service teams.

The solution
Avis chose Dublin-based company eWare as its CRM supplier, replacing the old-fashioned system and linking its various databases. The new system integrated multiple channels - telephone calls, an internal e-mail system and a document image processing system used to deal with the large quantity of faxes and letters received. It took eWare 60 days to go live with the system, the biggest challenge being how to map Avis' business processes and transcribe them into the eWare system. Avis also needed a solution that would enable it to scan and store its paper-based records electronically and integrate those scanned images as an integral part of the customer database.

Since introducing the eWare system, the customer care centre at Avis UK has become a paperless office. A major benefit - for both Avis employees and customers - is that staff at the centre no longer have to search for the paperworkwhen dealing with an enquiry. By overhauling its business processes, Avis has reduced personnel costs, while productivity levels have increased by 10%. It has also significantly decreased the time customers are kept on hold over the phone. Because the eWare system is easy to learn and intuitive, staff can be trained to respond to calls more quickly.

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