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05 November 2013

RSA says security needs to change, but what does that mean?

RSA executive chairman Art Coviello ended his opening keynote speech at RSA Europe 2013 with a call to the IT security industry to show the same spirit as Europe in setting up a common market after WW2. But what exactly does he have in mind? Proliferation of data and devices He would like to see action in several areas. First, in relation to the fact that the attack surface is expanding with the proliferation of data, mobile devices, social media, cloud services and IP-enabled devices. “We still have not caught up with that as an industry, so technologically there is a gap that has arisen over the past five or six years,” Coviello told Computer Weekly. The industry has been slow in developing the intelligence-driven controls Coviello believes are necessary to evolving security systems to keep pace with new and emerging threats. What is RSA doing along these lines? “Only this year did RSA launch Security Analytics, which is the first product that combines the correlation of logs and packets with other contextual information,” he ...

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