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9 July 2013

How BP made its IT future-ready with a hybrid cloud infrastructure

For a multinational company with some 87,000 employees and a distributed IT infrastructure, moving to the cloud was a challenge. But BP took a cautious and calculated approach to bridge its cloud gap, using a mix of private cloud, public cloud and in-house IT infrastructure. Speaking at Cloud World Forum 2013 in London, BP CIO Dana Deasy said: “Like every large company, we had legacy IT and somehow had to burst to the cloud.” BP, which is the fifth largest company in the world in terms of revenues in 2012, has a large and expensive IT infrastructure – including 90,000 PCs, 57 petabytes of data, 340 WAN connections and 17,000 servers. “Our IT services are delivered by 3,500 employees and contractors, as well as 7,000 staff from managed service providers. It is a big, mixed world,” said Deasy. The oil and gas company wanted to migrate some of its workloads to the cloud environment to gain efficiency and optimise performance and security, he said. But the IT team needed to take a calculated approach because of the size of the ...

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