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04 November 2014

CIO interview: Stephen Hale, head of digital, Department of Health

“I want to make digital less of a novelty,” says the Department of Health’s head of digital Stephen Hale. “Part of our job is to do us out of a job in a way. We make digital so mainstream so we stop noticing it as so innovative.” The Digital Team has its roots in the digital communications team at the department. When Hale joined four years ago there were only four other people publishing website content. “And that was it – we’re much more ambitious now,” says Hale. The Digital Team, set up at end of last year, has recruited more more people for the team’s five sub-divisions. Headed by Hale, the team ensures the department uses digital to make better policy and that it is part of everything the department does. “The challenge is for us to drive up the confidence of leaders and staff so it doesn’t feel innovative rather the best solution the problem,” he says. “Digital is such a broad term - the more you think about it, the more it can help with everything. Not just how you can make campaigns, but how you can provide better ...

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