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November 2017-January 2018

Talent shortage keeps Nordic IT companies focused on job satisfaction

The IT industry is a major employer across the Nordics, and its increasing focus on job satisfaction is paying off. Computer Weekly’s global salary survey shows Nordic IT professionals are happy with their pay and training opportunities and few are actively seeking a new job. The survey found that only 7.6% of Nordic IT professionals are actively looking for a new job. This compares with 15% in the UK, around 25% in the Middle East, and 10.4% in the Benelux countries. So what are Nordics companies doing right? According to Liselotte Jensen, deputy manager at the Great Place to Work Institute in Denmark, the answer lies in the workplace. “Employees are the main resource for IT companies, more than in many other sectors. [Companies] need to create good workplaces to attract and keep workers,” said Jensen, adding that 10 years ago there was much more dissatisfaction. Demand for IT professionals is major driver behind businesses looking to become attractive places to work. The Danish government predicts Denmark will need 19,000 more...

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