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March-May 2017

Will computer vision help France take a lead in AI?

France looks set to be a leader in artificial intelligence, but early promise could be held back by people’s fears and out-of-date government rules. The Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (Fair) lab was set up in Paris in 2015 to take advantage of the talent in France and the support available from research institutions. Facebook’s decision to set up its first research centre outside the US was a vote of confidence in France’s abilities in artificial intelligence (AI). Furthermore, the head of AI research worldwide at Facebook is Frenchman Yann LeCun, who works in the company’s AI lab in New York. In addition to the centres in Paris and New York, Facebook has a third research centre in California. The research at Fair focuses primarily on automatic language processing (ALP), language recognition, and software and hardware platforms that serve as the basis for other AI systems. But the researchers also work on computer vision, an area that will certainly open up a number of new revenue opportunities for the social media ...

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