Essential Guide

A CIO guide to the service cloud

This is CIOs guide to the service cloud including everything you need to know about using cloud services.


This is guide for CIOs considering the use of cloud services.

A service cloud can be divided into three broad categories which this guide covers: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

This guide also includes case studies of businesses using cloud services.

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Overcoming the pitfalls of today's IaaS price wars

Choosing the right IaaS provider can be a stressful experience. How can you avoid the pitfalls so many businesses experience when migrating to the cloud? Continue Reading


Lack of in-house skills stymies IaaS migration, says report

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) supplier Reconnix says most businesses fear they lack the skills to move to the cloud Continue Reading


Will IaaS offerings look radically different by 2016?

In this Ask the Expert, IDC analyst Rick Villars explains why 75% of IaaS provider offerings will be redesigned or phased out over the next year. Continue Reading




Comparing features, tiers and pricing of PaaS vendors

As cloud services become more complex and customized, the harder they are to evaluate. An expert offers advice for evaluating PaaS vendors Continue Reading




Backup providers must educate clients on cloud-to-cloud services

SaaS providers typically don't offer clients a full backup service, but partners can step in with a cloud-to-cloud backup service that fills that gap. Continue Reading


Should you shop for a SaaS tool in the AWS Marketplace?

With a wealth of options available in the AWS Marketplace and from independent vendors, enterprises have a tall task in selecting the right SaaS tool. Continue Reading


CIOs admit they are concerned about Saas management

The majority of organisations are running applications in the cloud, but IT managers are concerned they are losing control of the Saas budget Continue Reading


Despite benefits, SaaS deployment isn't all smooth sailing

Deploying SaaS can drive major efficiency gains within an organization. But it also presents its fair share of challenges -- security being one of them. Continue Reading


Cloud service adoption


Finland leads Europe in cloud service take-up

Europe is catching up with the US for cloud adoption - and the Nordic countries lead the way, with Sweden and Denmark close behind Finland Continue Reading


UK businesses' IT services better off in India than the cloud

UK businesses have yet to be convinced of the benefits of cloud computing but continue to outsource IT, says a global survey from KPMG Continue Reading

5UC services-

Unified Comms cloud services


Shopping for a UC cloud services provider

Cloud UC buyers have many services and providers to consider. But a cloud services provider is also seeking the appropriate potential customers. Continue Reading


Why UC cloud services are what enterprises need now

Cloud UC has become the delivery model that best fits today's computing environment and mobile workforce. Continue Reading


Cloud integration services


Cloud integration services emerge strong

The cloud integration services market is one of the fastest growing segments of the platform-as-a-service market. Continue Reading

7Deploying cloud services-

Cloud services case studies


Dutch bank ING puts HR services in the cloud

Finance company ING is using cloud-based software from ServiceNow to deliver HR services to its 25,000 staff in the Netherlands Continue Reading


Leeds Building Society embarks on digital services push with HP Cloud

The building society wants to make it easier for customers to manage their money online using HP technology and support services Continue Reading


Public cloud services a must-have for many companies

Two use cases suggest moving to public cloud services is no longer a choice; it's a reality of doing business in the 21st century. Continue Reading