Moving to the cloud: U.K. guide

Get the latest cloud computing news, tips and expert responses with this guide for U.K. organisations on moving to cloud computing.

Cloud computing was one of the hottest topics of 2009, but despite the hype, not all businesses are taking the plunge just yet. After reading about the risks of cloud computing, many are left feeling disconcerted. In addition to cloud benefits, this essential U.K. guide covers critical and avoidable errors that should be addressed before deciding whether the cloud is right for your business.

Get the latest cloud computing news, tips and expert responses with this guide for U.K. organisations considering a move to cloud computing.


Cloud news Cloud Industry Forum aims to stop cloud computing cowboys
Kayleigh Bateman, Site Editor | 04 Dec 2009
As the cloud computing market grows, so does the need to implement standards for hosting provider services. A FASTIiS exec discusses the Cloud Industry Forum, which aims to establish a code of conduct to help self-regulate the cloud industry, stamp out "cowboys" and clear confusion.

 Can cloud computing survive an economic upturn? 
Gary Collins, Contributor | 13 Nov 2009
Cloud computing's recent popularity is due in part to the economic downturn and pressure to cut IT costs. But will the benefits of cloud computing and hosted service providers be enough?

Logistics firm adds disaster recovery in the cloud
Kayleigh Bateman, Site Editor | 28 Sep 2009
UK logistics firm Bibby Distribution signs a three-year contract with Getronics for disaster recovery management, adding an alternative route into cloud.

Cloud Infrastructure as a Service worth the higher costs, experts say 
Kayleigh Bateman, Site Editor | 24 Sep 2009
Cloud Infrastructure as a Service may be more expensive than an in-house data centre infrastructure, but industry players agree that the advantages of freeing up an IT department's time outweigh the disadvantages.

Check data migration policies before signing with a cloud provider
Tracey Caldwell, Contributor | 16 Sep 2009
Experts urge businesses to know cloud providers' policies on data migration before signing on to avoid data becoming trapped or falling into the wrong hands.

 Should IT view the cloud as a threat or an opportunity?
Kayleigh Bateman, Site Editor | 14 Sep 2009
For cloud computing to be fully embraced, it will take a change in culture amongst IT managers.

How to find an honest data centre hosting provider 
 Kayleigh Bateman, Site Editor | 27 Nov 2009
Anyone could get hold of a couple of Dell servers, a broadband connection and start a hosting service from his own home, and you wouldn't know, according to Dom Monkhouse, managing director of hosting provider PEER 1. In this Q&A, he points towards the importance of keeping on top of bandwidth costs.



Cloud Tips To cloud or not to cloud: Practical advice
Michel Robert, Contributor | 12.22.2009
Practical advice on whether or not you should opt for cloud computing.

The benefits of cloud computing and the obstacles to know 
Simon Hansford, Contributor |12.17.2009
An expert reveals benefits that can be achieved from cloud computing and the obstacles that can stand in your way.

 Virtual data centres and cloud computing: Sorting the criticisms
Phil Jones, Contributor |12.02.2009
Jones discusses the hot topic at SNW Europe this year -- cloud computing. The evangelists and the skeptics are now joined in an intriguing debate over whether there is real substance underneath the cloud hype, according to this expert.

 Cloud computing – How to draw up your plan
Simon Abrahams, Contributor |12.22.2009
How to approach the cloud and key questions to ask when considering making the move.

 Making cloud deliver: It's not as hard as it looks 
Colin Bradford, Contributor |12.22.2009
According to Colin Bradford the effective use of cloud computing has become obscured by hype and it is critical that the confusion is cleared.

 Private clouds, desktop virtualisation offer data security, flexibility and ROI
Rupert Collier, Contributor |12.18.2009
When moving to cloud computing, as with any major project, the key to success is preparatory work, according to an expert.


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