Implementing a private cloud to optimise/transform your data centre

Find out the current state of cloud computing across the UK and Europe in this webcast with and

According to TechTarget’s Data Centre Decisions 2011 survey, more than half (56.8%) of UK and European users are not using or considering using private cloud computing over the next 12 months. The results showed 26.6% will definitely implement private cloud computing, in the same time, while 16.6% have already implemented private cloud.

This webcast with Archana Venkatraman from, Cliff Saran from, and a panel of industry experts, explored the current state of private cloud computing adoption in the UK and Europe and discussed the benefits and challenges of using a private cloud.

Panelists analysed whether businesses are ready to use private cloud computing to optimise and transform their data centres. As our study shows, less than half of the enterprises are looking to implementing a private cloud strategy.

While businesses understand that cloud is the way forward, they may not be ready to use cloud services. Barriers to cloud adoption include legacy infrastructure; budget restrictions; and ownership of IT assets among others.

Experts discussed each of these issues and delve deeper into other concerns which include:

  • Lack of standardisation in the virtualisation industry
  • Issues around certification and licensing
  • Budgets
  • Security

They advised on what IT pros can do today to overcome these problems and how professionals can convince key stakeholders for using private cloud computing to optimise/transform data centres.

The webcast also touched upon the business benefits of private cloud computing in addition to comparing public, private and hybrid cloud options.

Tune in to this recorded webcast to understand how you can leverage the latest technologies and learn the best practices to optimise your own data centre infrastructure.

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