No end in sight to phishing, says consortium

Ignore those surveys that suggest the good guys are winning the battle against phishing. They’re not.

Ignore those surveys that suggest the good guys are winning the battle
against phishing. They’re not.

Cyber criminals created a record number of phishing websites in July
and also hijacked a record number of brands to help them do their work,
according to the Anti-Phishing Working Group, a consortium that monitors
online fraud.

The number of phishing sites rose to 14,191 in July, an 18% increase
over May, which had the previous all-time high, the Working Group said.

The latest figures show that online criminals are now diversifying to
target smaller financial institutions, internet service providers and
even government agencies. The financial services industry still gets
the lion’s share of attacks, with more than nine out of 10 phishing
sites aimed at the sector.

The technical sophistication of phishing attacks is also on the rise,
with 1,850 phishing sites attempting to download a Trojan horse that
conceals itself in another, harmless-looking file and is designed to
gather personal information or download other malicious programs to
an infected computer.

Phishing: same old problem, still no solution. I know a number of
organisations make up the Anti-Phishing Working Group, but there has
to be more end-value than figures that say phishing’s reaching record
levels. Let’s see some solutions, not statistics.

This was last published in September 2006



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