Vote in the Computer Weekly IT Blog Awards 2010

Vote in the Computer Weekly IT Blog Awards 2010 - voting will end on the 19 November.

Who is your favourite blogger? Cast your votes in the 2010 IT blog awards.

The shortlisted blogs are listed by category. Just click on the drop down menu beneath each category to pick your favourite. As there were so many interesting Twitter users to follow, they are presented with radio buttons - just select the button next to your choice.

Choose your favourites in as many or as few categories as you wish, and then click on 'Done' to submit your votes.

To find out more about each blog, have a look at the category pages which will have links to each blog.

Happy voting… And many thanks for taking part in this year’s IT blog awards and ensuring that we pinpoint the best blogs in the UK IT industry.


(Note: Once your votes have been submitted, a confirmation message will display above. Depending on your browser settings, you may need to scroll up the page to see it.)

There are 12 categories in this year’s awards:

You can nominate a blog for any or all of the following categories.

CIO/IT director
What are the best blogs written by and for CIOs and IT directors? Here is where you will find insights from senior management across the industry.

IT consultant / analyst
Consultants and analysts provide useful insight from their vantage point of working with numerous companies, whether they are part of a big analyst firm, or a sole trader.

IT professional (male)
This category is for blogs that detail an individual perspective, not a company line, of life in the IT industry. Any male blogger working in IT is eligible.

IT professional (female)
Details are the same as for the male bloggers in this category, but we have created a separate category so the female IT professional community can be recognised.

Company/corporate: large enterprise
This category aims to showcase the best official blogs from large enterprises. These are the blogs that help to make a business more "human" by putting real people’s words and faces to the company name.

Company/corporate: SMEs
To prevent them from being overshadowed by the corporate giants, we have a separate category for small and medium-sized firms. This is their chance to show how blogs can prove an effective communications channel for even the smallest companies.

Project management
We are looking for blogs that deal with the management of IT projects, and the methodologies – from Prince2 to agile – that help them run smoothly.

IT security
There are plenty of lively IT security writers and we are looking for blogs about any aspect of security from malware to usage policies to risk management.

Software development
Developers are among the most active online community of IT experts and there are plenty of great blogs about application development, tools, methodologies and topics such as open source.

From smartphones to tablets to innovative add-ons and peripherals, gadgets and gizmos are a great source of debate on the web. But who is the best gadget blogger?

Best international blog
IT is a global business, and while we are looking for the best UK bloggers we know there are plenty of international blogs that keep the IT community informed.

IT Twitter user of the year
If you have found yourself following every word of someone’s Twitter feed for industry information, don’t forget to hit the radio button and back them.


The Computer Weekly blog awards charity challenge

We’re adding a special category to raise funds for a fantastic cause.

The ultimate measure of the success of a blog is engagement with its audience – so we want to challenge bloggers and Twitter users to show us how they can influence their followers by encouraging them to make a donation to a special charity project.

The charity is Computer Aid International and the project we want you to support is Computers for Schools Kenya.

It costs just £50 to get a refurbished PC onto a Kenyan school desk. There is a chronic shortage of PCs in the Kenyan school system and many Kenyan children complete school never having a seen a PC. Without simple IT literacy these children will be denied basic life chances such as equal access to employment opportunities.

All we are asking you to do is encourage your readers or followers to make a donation by directing them to a JustGiving page, and stating it was your blog or tweet that encouraged them to donate.

The person whose followers fund the most PCs for the project will win a prize and we will also put each blogger’s name on a sticker that we can attach to the PCs they fund.

Visit the Just Giving page for all the details.

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