Upgrades are biggest IT challenge

IT Directors' Forum

Consolidation, integration and getting value for money are the key management and technical challenges for IT directors this year, according to a survey of senior corporate IT users who attended this year's IT Directors' Forum.

The IT directors, from non-financial services organisations, put change management as their top management challenge for this year, with managing infrastructure upgrades the top technical challenge.

The make up of the management challenges has not changed significantly over the past year - wrestling with business priorities and value are ranked similarly to 2003. The main differences were that leadership has slipped from fourth place to ninth this year - suggesting greater confidence - and budget management has moved up from ninth place to sixth.

When asked about their biggest technical challenges, integration of technologies was more important than individual technologies.

Last year's top technical challenge, mobile computing, fell to third place this year, and managing infrastructure upgrades rose from seventh place to first. Security as a technical challenge slipped a couple of places, but it remained the fifth most important management challenge.

Surprises from the poll included less concern about web services and wireless integration, respectively ranked fourth and fifth last year. This year they were ninth and 11th.


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