The business benefits of the third platform

Ron Tolido explains the benefits of the Open Group Open Platform 3.0

The third wave of platform technologies – cloud, mobile, big data and social media – is on the verge of bringing about irrevocable change to businesses.

Many companies embrace some, but not all, of these convergent technologies.

The growth in machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies, the internet of things (IoT) and the consumerisation of IT is adding to an increasing sense of disruption.

Open Platform 3.0 is a newly founded forum that aims to help enterprises take advantage of these new convergent technologies.

It aims to support organisations by identifying new capabilities and architecting and standardising a platform for technologies such as cloud, mobile data and social media.

This will benefit businesses in a variety of ways, enabling them to process data in the cloud, incorporate new data sources – including IoT and social media – and turn this data into real, usable information.

If we can establish some momentum in the industry, the gap between IT and business will narrow and IT departments can become business enablers.

One challenge is that the technology is still relatively immature. There has been some reluctance in the cloud, for example, to implement standards.

Technology providers will not be able to remain niche players as businesses become firmer on standardisation, which will, in turn, result in a rise in adoption of the Open Platform 3.0 standards.

Business people like working with the third platform – cloud, mobile, social and big data – because it brings technology so much closer to the business.

The CIO now needs to make the transition from "business as usual" towards innovation and becoming a business enabler.

It’s becoming much easier to create solutions through technology and gain real business value that hasn’t been seen before, certainly not in the era of the PC.

CIOs need to work alongside platform designers and enterprise architects to ensure the architecture of the platform is sound before working with their organisation to launch from it.

If this isn’t done correctly, we start to see additional complexity emerging as people are tempted to run their own technologies.

What is Open Platform 3.0?

Open Platform 3.0 is a forum, established by The Open Group, which aims to help enterprises take advantage of convergent technologies such as cloud, mobile, big data and social media. 

The forum brings together a range of industry experts and thought leaders who are working together to meet this goal, bring about change and promote the results.

IT departments need to work with the business to build on this third platform and, ultimately, drive the next generation of business models.

So far, The Open Group Open Platform 3.0 has been focused on defining these business scenarios and defining the value to the organisation.

What now needs to happen is a call to action to get businesses mobilised, making tangible steps towards the platform and reaping the real benefits that technology can bring to the business.

Ron Tolido (pictured) is senior vice-president, CTO Application Services Continental Europe, at Capgemini.

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