Thank goodness that year's over and done with

Only a small handful of channel players will be able to look back on 2001 and regard it as an enjoyable experience.

Only a small handful of channel players will be able to look back on 2001 and regard it as an enjoyable experience.

In a year that was rocked by probably the worst terrorist act of modern times, a global recession that swept across the world and the last gasps of the dot com crash, there was not much to smile about.

In the section pages of the magazine this week, our reporters cast their own look back on their areas where the general themes of gloom and doom were all too evident, whether looking at hardware, software or services.

Court cases, consolidation and spectacular collapses were the themes of the year and nowhere was it more evident than in the world of the Web.

On our final e-commerce page, we bid farewell to a market that has so often failed to meet expectations. Ironically, after all the hype about start-ups run by students with no business knowledge and armed with barely more than a stupid name, it has been the distributors which have managed to successfully adopt an e-business model and offer a different route for dealers to access information and order products.

Hopes will be high for 2002 and talk of recovery in the second half of the year is welcome. Hopefully, the green shoots of recovery will start to appear soon.

For all of us the past couple of years have been strange to say the least. The second half of 1999 was marred by the threat of the millennium bug and the stockpile of supplies firms had bought was blamed for the low spending and tough times seen in 2000.

At the beginning of 2001, the consensus was that the worst was behind us, but that view appears to have been premature. After a couple of good quarters, things reverted back to the norm established last year.

The midnight bells chiming on 31 December should hopefully act as a full stop on the bad times.

Between now and then, MicroScope wishes its readers a Happy Christmas and all of us a prosperous and happy New Year.

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