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David Taylor

Inside track

This is my 100th column, and it is dedicated to everyone who is making a positive, decisive difference...

David Taylor

Inside track

This is my 100th column, and it is dedicated to everyone who is making a positive, decisive difference - to those people taking steps to ensure the future is very different from the past.

This is a fantastic time to be in IT. Our industry is brimming with talent, knowledge and potential. The opportunities before us, as individuals and as companies, are unlimited, and so it is time to dream bigger dreams, to believe in them with total certainty, and, above all, to make them happen.

The way to do this is through people, technology and action. The only way to control the future is to inspire your people, ignite their imagination, and do whatever it takes to release their full potential.

This is your first priority. Sadly, there are still too many organisations that remain anonymous, process driven, and boring to be in. Run by faceless managers who know the cost of everything, and the value of nothing, these companies must change direction if they wish to be around a year from now.

They must connect with their people, at a deep level of commitment and understanding. The great irony of this, of course, is by liberating their people, companies will increase their revenue and profit.

Technology has become the new underlying power, the artery and lifeblood of organisations - simply plug it in.

New focus

The new focus is on what we do, not how we do it.

The technology itself does not matter anymore, the key now is to turn that technology into results, fast. Successful companies are now employing a chief technology officer, to sit alongside the IT director, or a chief information officer. Also, recruit a futurologist, someone who will translate future prediction and trends into today's reality.

And finally, action - the only way to succeed in the future.

If you think something I have recommended will not work for you, do the opposite. And if you are not content with something in your role, your department, your company or even your life, do something about it.

And if that does not work, then do something else, and keep taking such action until you achieve the result you desire.

If I believe that the way to raise staff morale is to tear down offices, slice through hierarchies and increase personal visibility, while someone else advocates bigger empires, more structure and being invisible, who is right? We both are!

Providing it achieves the end result - radically improved staff motivation. The future is about action, not excuses.

Your views

I am always keen to hear from people who are making a positive difference - please continue to write to me. There will be every opportunity to make a massive impact in the next two years, as nothing is impossible.

The size of our dreams are only limited by the size of our imaginations.

Thank you all for reading this column, whether you have read just one or all 100.

The future is in your hands, shape it well - release the giants within your organisations, and your success will be easy, automatic and forever.

David Taylor's Inside Track, a provocative insight into the world of IT in business, is out now. The book is the latest in the Computer Weekly Professional Series, published by ButterworthHeinemann: 01865-888180

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