Security Think Tank: BYOD requires focus on security risk in 2014

What are the top security issues must businesses address in 2014?

BYOD will continue to grow and, as well as being seen as a perk by existing employees and a budget-saver by IT departments, it will be the de facto requirement for new employees as part of the move towards more flexible working, writes Mike Gillespie.

Given that, according to Ovum, around half of employees use their own devices without their employers knowledge or agreement; and half of businesses who operate BYOD have experienced some kind of data breach (Trend Micro), we in security will have to ramp up our communications on risk and effective mitigation.

Android malware will continue to slurp up data and bank details. The move toward Android products – and the decline of the more traditionally viewed secure BlackBerry – has opened up a world of opportunity for hackers, scammers and other malfeasants. For instance, the Perkle crimeware kit will create further chaos and business devices will need stringent and regular security measures and updates to try to keep one step ahead of malware developments.

Businesses need to use more joined up thinking to leverage their most valuable security asset – their people – in the fight against malicious incursions. 

All of these technology challenges will need boardroom acceptance of risk management and an improvement to communicate security across the whole of the business

Mike Gillespie is director of cyber research and security at the Security Institute.

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